January 2017


After much preparation and hard work, we are excited to offically go public with our organization! Check out our press release below. 

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January 4, 2017

Wardah Khalid 
(713) 587-6342

                                            Group launches non-profit Poligon to amplify Muslim voices on Capitol Hill

(WASHINGTON, DC) – A group of millennial Muslim leaders announce today the launch of Poligon Education Fund (Poligon), a national, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing American Muslim participation on Capitol Hill.

Founded by Muslims with backgrounds in government advocacy, law, and research, Poligon seeks to unite Muslim and progressive voices to educate policymakers and make meaningful progress on pressing matters such as civil rights, Islamophobia, and the economy.

“While American Muslims made great strides in registering voters and getting to the polls for the recent Presidential election, more efforts are needed when it comes to engaging Congress,” president and co-founder Wardah Khalid said. “This is critical since Congress determines many of the laws and policies that affect the community, including those dealing with anti-Muslim discrimination, which has reached at an all-time high since 9/11.”

Consequences of Islamophobia include bullying in schools by both teachers and peers, public harassment of men and women perceived to be Muslim, and political discourse about banning and registering Muslims. Anti-shariah legislation, passed and pending in states around the country, is threatening to eliminate fundamental rights of the community to pray, fast, and give charity as prescribed by their faith.

Poligon’s goal is to help the 3.3 million Muslims who call America home build relationships with their Congressional representatives and increase political acumen through trainings, legislative updates, and policy guidance. It will also work with faith-based organizations and civil rights groups to ensure that the right to religious freedom protected by the U.S. Constitution is not denied to American Muslims.

In doing so, Poligon hopes to shape an America where all people, regardless of background, are treated with justice and dignity and can live together in peace and security.

Guided by values of peace, justice, and pluralism, Poligon Education Fund is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, D.C.

For more information, please visit www.poligonnational.org or email info@poligonnational.org.