February 2021

Poligon’s Statement on the Reintroduction of the NO BAN Act in the House of Representatives

​February 25, 2021
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Poligon Commends the Reintroduction of the NO BAN Act in the House of Representatives 

Washington, D.C. – Poligon Education Fund released the following statement regarding the reintroduction of the NO BAN Act in the House of Representatives: 

Poligon Education Fund joins over 100 Muslim and immigrants’ rights organizations in applauding the reintroduction of the National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants Act, also known as the NO BAN Act, in the House of Representatives today. Poligon proudly advocated for and endorsed Rep. Judy Chu’s (D-CA-27) introduction of the bill in 2019 and again today in the 117th Congress. The bill is co-sponsored by 137 House Representatives,  championed in the Senate by Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), and is included in President Biden’s U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021. 

The NO BAN Act imposes limitations on the President’s authority to suspend or restrict immigrants from entering the U.S. and prohibits religious discrimination in immigration-related decisions without statutory basis. We urge Congress to pass this historic bill once again and ensure no future administration can bar the entry of individuals to the U.S. based on their religious background and national origin. 

Poligon’s Policy and Advocacy Manager, Johanna Mustafa, issued the following statement:
“The Muslim and African Bans have traumatized our communities for the past four years, separated many families and inflicted unimaginable suffering. Today, we honor the story of Abdullah Hassan, a 2-year old who died in Oakland, away from loved ones. As we continue to advocate for the passage of the NO BAN Act, we hold the stories of Abdullah and the tens of thousands of people who suffered under this cruel policy, and recognize the reintroduction of the NO BAN Act in the 117th Congress as a step forward in the collective fight for justice.” 

Although Poligon celebrated the repeal of the Muslim Ban on the first day of the Biden Administration, we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring meaningful policy change. We demand the passage of the NO BAN Act in Congress to prevent discriminatory laws from targeting our immigrant communities in the future. 


Poligon Education Fund is a national non profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening Muslim American engagement with Congress through research, education, and advocacy.

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Congress is moving quickly to pass the next COVID-19 relief package this week, as COVID-19 has now claimed more than 500,000 lives, and disproportionately impacted high numbers of Black and Brown lives! This is the time to act. You may have heard of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, a comprehensive legislation known as the “American Rescue Plan”. 

The American Rescue Plan will:

  • Increase access to vaccinations, COVID-19 testing, and PPE;
  • Extend Unemployment Insurance, food assistance, and stimulus checks;
  • Extend eviction and foreclosure moratoria;
  • Provide financial support for small businesses and school reopening plans;
  • Increase the minimum wage to $15/hour, and much more!

Find your Representative and urge them to support the American Rescue Plan! The livelihood of American families are at stake, and it is up to us to hold our Members of Congress accountable.

Poligon Commends Federal Appeals Court Decision Against Muslim Ban 3.0

February 15, 2018
CONTACT: info@poligonnational.org
Washington, D.C. – Poligon Education Fund welcomes the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision against President Trump’s third Muslim ban. The Court found that despite superficial revisions of previous versions of the travel ban, it “continues to exhibit a primarily religious anti-Muslim objective.”

​The ban prevents immigrants and many visitors from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen – as well as certain Venezuelan government officials and their families – from entering the United States. Six of the eight countries affected are majority-Muslim. Despite being blocked by multiple district courts, the Supreme Court has allowed the ban to remain in effect while lawsuits against it proceed through the judicial process.

“Just as with the ruling against the ban by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in December, this ruling affirms that the ban is unconstitutional and goes against our nation’s values of religious freedom,” said Poligon Acting Executive Director Afif Rahman. “However, families separated by the ban are still waiting for relief from this oppressive policy. Unless Congress acts to block implementation of the ban, we will have to wait until the Supreme Court issues a ruling on whether it is constitutional.”

Poligon Education Fund strongly opposes all iterations of the Muslim ban and continues to encourage members of Congress to do the same.Poligon Education Fund is a non profit, non-partisan organization working to strengthen Muslim American engagement with Congress through education and advocacy on issues of concern to the community and its allies. Learn more at www.poligonnational.org.


December Newsletter 2020

Salaam, and welcome to our End of Year newsletter!
Here’s what we were up to this year:

2020 Year in Review Highlights

Thanks to your amazing support, Poligon has accomplished many of our goals this year. Here were some of our top achievements from 2020: 

  1. Trained 500+ Community Members
  2. Co-signed 70 Letters to Congress
  3. Attended 67 Policy & Advocacy Events
  4. Launched a COVID-19 Policy Update Center
  5. Hired a Policy and Advocacy Manager

But there’s still so much more that needs to be done. Help us continue these efforts by making a Zakat-eligible and tax-deductible donation TODAY! Can you donate $20, $50, or $100 today to help to ensure every American Muslim voice is heard in Congress in 2021?
In The News
Here are the top highlights of our In the News from this year
 Poligon President, Wardah Khalid, was interviewed by Al Jazeera Stream on the third anniversary of the discriminatory Muslim travel ban and her hope for its repeal as Congress moves forward with the NO BAN Act. Watch the full interview here. (Wardah begins speaking at 7:13)Poligon’s Legislative Fellow, Zayn Hasan, and nine other advocacy groups, including Daily Kos, delivered more than 150,000 signatures to Rep. Judy Chu, calling for the House to pass the NO BAN Act. Read the full article here.
Poligon’s president, Wardah Khalid, was featured on a podcast hosted by Cafe Tanweer, on the topic of the role that American Muslims have in the government, politics, and civic engagement. Listen to the podcast episode here: https://bit.ly/3gEeZeV

Advocacy on the Hill

Here are the top highlights of our advocacy on the Hill from this year
In February, Poligon visited Capitol Hill with other advocates to meet with Members of the House who had not signed on to support the NO BAN Act, which would repeal the Muslim Ban.
At the height of the pandemic, Poligon launched a COVID-19 Policy Update Center to help our community members and allies view information and actions they could take to understand and help shape policy on the pandemic. 

Poligon joined several other national Muslim civic engagement organizations to create Muslim Civic Engagement toolkits, intended to educate community members and faith leaders on the importance of civic engagement in Islam and to facilitate political participation. Click here to view the toolkits The House Judiciary Committee voted to advance the NO BAN Act. Poligon was proud to attend with other advocates to show support for this important legislation.
Here are the top highlights of our events from this year

Poligon Education Fund’s First Hill Halal Happy Hour
In January, Poligon hosted our very first Hill Happy Hour in DC! We had a great time meeting and mingling with Muslims working on and off the Hill. Although COVID-19 has made it difficult to socialize, we hope to host more events once it is safe to do so!

Poligon’s Virtual Iftar
In May, Poligon hosted a virtual iftar! We were joined by special guests, RepresentativesJudy Chu and André Carson, who discussed the important work they are doing to protect vulnerable communities during this pandemic. We also received a special message from Rep. Rashida Tlaib on the importance of engaging with Congress and to be a good neighbor during these trying times. 

CAIR Webinar on Census

In August, Poligon’s Media Director, Aksa Asgher, joined CAIR-California and MPower Change for a webinar on the importance of the Census and building Muslim political power in America. Check out the webinar here!

Coffee and Conversations with Muppies DC
Poligon participated in a Coffee and Conversations event hosted by Muppies DC in September. Poligon’s Media Director, Aksa Asgher, and the Executive Director of the Georgia Muslim Voter Project, Umer Rupani, discussed the importance of political advocacy and ways for Muslims to engage with the government.

Thank you for your support over the past year. Donate today to help us continue to amplify the American Muslim voices in Congress in 2021. 

Stay active and Happy New Years,
ThePoligon Team