Call your reps NOW to oppose amendment targeting Islamic Relief

Call your representatives to oppose DeSantis amendment
Today, the House of Representatives will be voting on the DeSantis Amendment (115-31) to make it illegal to give funds to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), a humanitarian organization dedicated to the alleviation of poverty and suffering. This is Congress’s latest attempt to shut down Muslim advocacy, charity, and humanitarian organizations by claiming they are affiliated with terrorists. ​

What You Can Do Now

Call Congress Today: Call your Representatives at (202) 224-3121 NOW (the vote is scheduled for this afternoon).

Sample Script:“I strongly oppose and urge you to vote against Rep. DeSantis’s amendment #115 for the State & Foreign Operations Appropriations in H.R. 3354. Islamic Relief is a humanitarian organization that has been subjected to over 500 audits, none of which have found evidence to support Mr. DeSantis’s allegations. In fact, its US branch has been doing amazing work with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. This is simply Congress’s latest attempt to shut down Muslim civil rights, humanitarian and advocacy organizations under the guise of terrorism, and I request you vote against it.”
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