Letter: Urging Senate to Boost SNAP Benefits

Poligon joined, Feeding American, and nearly 2,500 organizations, in sending a letter to the Senate urging to take action and increase SNAP benefit boosts, which can help limit the economic impacts this crisis threatens to exact.

This crisis demands a response that is commensurate with its scope and seriousness. For every one meal provided through the Feeding America food bank network, SNAP can provide nine meals on the normal rails of commerce. SNAP boosts must be an important part of an effective, comprehensive response to COVID-19.

It is urgent that Congress and the White House act now to provide:

  1. a 15 percent boost in the SNAP maximum benefit that would help all SNAP households
  2. an increase in the SNAP monthly minimum benefit from $16 to $30
  3. a suspension of SNAP time limits and rules changes that would cut SNAP eligibility and benefits

COVID-19 Relief Package- SNAP Letter.pdf

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