MuslimBan2? We Got This

Note: President Trump has signed a second executive order against Muslims and refugees. More analysis coming Friday in our legislative update.

Salaams! February was an incredibly busy month for Poligon, as it was for many of you actively engaging in your communities. Take a look at what we’ve been up to and what’s in store for March!


​March 18th: Townhall dialogue series 
Details: 6:30 – 9:30pm in Washington, D.C.
Poligon will be joining professional organizers to teach the basics of channeling personal experiences into practical action steps in your community. Come prepared to draw from your experiences, recognize your relationships, and realize your power. While the event is tailored for organizing within Muslim communities, allies are always welcome! Click the link to learn more.


In District Week kept us focused on making sure our voice is heard in Congress, both in our home districts and in D.C. To help communities overcome the intimidation and lack of familiarity around Congressional engagement, Poligon put together a handy guide on how to set up an office visit and participate in a town hall meeting.

Our first Legislative Update was released as well. “Hill Happenings” arrives weekly in your inbox with all the latest news from Congress that affects American Muslims. Make sure you’re signed up!

Poligon joined as a supporter of theFreedom of Religion Act introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA. The legislation was a response to the “Muslim Ban” executive order and seeks to halt the discriminatory act of profiling immigrants, refugees, and international visitors entering the U.S. based on religion.

Poligon president and co-founder, Wardah Khalid, delivered a lecture on Overcoming Anti-Muslim Bias in the Workplace at Texas A&M University. Wardah discussed her work with Poligon and how allies can help stand up against Islamophobia. The event is part of an ongoing diversity-focused lecture series at the Mays Business School.

Check out “Historical Action”, our new column discussing how Muslims have historically been politically involved in America. The first post is on Sengbe Pieh (Cinque) and the Amistad Revolt about how a group of African Muslims were kidnapped and shipped to the New World to become slaves. They argued their case to the Supreme Court and won their freedom. 

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Stay active,

Afif, Nadia, and Wardah

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