Poligon Backs Rep. Beyer’s Freedom of Religion Act

Poligon Education Fund is a proud supporter of the Freedom of Religion Act introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Don Beyer (VA), along with lawmakers including Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC), Keith Ellison (MN), Joe Crowley (NY), Jan Schakowsky (IL), Betty McCollum (MN), André Carson (IN), and Pramila Jaypal (WA).

The Act was introduced in response to President Trump’s Executive Order banning immigration from seven Muslim majority countries and Syrian refugees indefinitely (essentially a Muslim Ban). The legislation would halt the discriminatory act of profiling “immigrants, refugees, and international visitors” entering the United States based on religion.

“Religious freedom is a defining value of the United States, guaranteed by the Founding Fathers in the First Amendment to the Constitution,” Rep. Beyer said. “Today’s legislation won’t erase the pain from President Trump’s ban, but it will ensure that this sort of immoral action never happens again and show the world that America still honors its founding principles.”

Learn more about the Freedom  of Religion Act here

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