Poligon Condemns Boulder and Atlanta Shootings, Demands Gun Control

March 23, 2021
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Poligon Condemns the Atlanta and Boulder Mass Shootings and Urges Congress to Adopt a Community-Centered Policy Response 
Washington, D.C. – Poligon Education Fund released the following statement in response to the deadly mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16th and Boulder, Colorado on March 23rd: 
At a time when our communities are collectively grieving and healing from the deadly anti-Asian violence inflicted on our siblings in Georgia, leaving eight people dead, we find ourselves grieving another heart wrenching loss of ten victims today. We stand in unconditional solidarity with the survivors and families who endure unimaginable pain and call for immediate community centered responses addressing gun violence and race-based hate crimes. We stand firm against all systemic oppression, white supremacy, xenophobia, gender-based violence, and racial and religious discrimination. We demand immediate gun control measures and recognize gun violence as the arm magnifying all forms of hate. Our nation has witnessed seven mass shootings in the past week alone. 
As Congress moves forward to address gun reform, we urge our representatives to look past party divisions and center the victims and survivors in their response. We call on the Senate to pass the Bipartisan Background Check Act and the Enhanced Background Checks Act. All communities deserve to live in safe neighborhoods, without fear and the threat of hate and violence. The Senate Judiciary hearing on gun reform earlier today is a welcome step towards safer communities.
A community centered solution puts people’s safety and lived experiences first. It does not manifest in the form of more militarized and discriminatory law enforcement. We urge our Members of Congress to center the most impacted in their policy responses and invest resources in communities, including but not limited to, mental health services and equitable community services. We reject increased policing, surveillance, and carceral solutions that disproportionately impact Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.
### Poligon Education Fund is a national non profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening Muslim American engagement with Congress through research, education, and advocacy. Learn more at www.poligonnational.org.

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