Muslims in America Policy Poll

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In this crucial election year, so much is at stake for the entire country, especially for the American Muslim community. Poligon partnered with several national Muslim civic engagement organizations to survey over 1,500 Muslims in the U.S. around the issues and policies most urgent to them. The resulting report will both inform and engage elected officials, candidates, and stakeholders on issues important to Muslims in the U.S. and serve as a tool for Muslim community leaders, organizations, and advocates to campaign and serve the best interests of their community.

Muslim Civic Engagement Toolkits

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Toolkit for Community Members

Poligon has joined several other national Muslim civic engagement organizations to create Muslim Civic Engagement toolkits. These are intended to educate community members and faith leaders on the importance of civic engagement in Islam and facilitate political participation. Download the toolkits to learn how you can be more civically engaged and participate in upcoming elections and throughout the year. Feel free to share with your friends and family too!