Take Action: Muslim Ban 2.0 Goes Into Effect Tomorrow

Poligon Education Fund calls on American Muslims and their allies to take immediate action against the Muslim Ban 2.0 which will go into effect this Thursday, March 16, 2017. The administration’s recent attempt to tailor the Executive Order (EO) to court rulings does not change the fact that this is still an Muslim Ban. It is imperative you contact your elected officials to oppose the revised EO, as it is rooted in discriminatory intent.

Call Congress Today: Call your Senators and Representatives at (202) 224-3121 TODAY and EVERY DAY until the ban is rescinded.

Sample script: “Trump’s newest executive order singling out refugees and people from six Muslim-majority countries has the same fatal flaws as his first attempt. It does not represent American values and it violates our Constitution. As your constituent from [City, State], I implore you to do everything in your power to publicly denounce, oppose, and fight Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban.”

Contact the White House: Go to whitehouse.gov/contact and/or comment on a post on the White House Facebook page: Facebook.com/WhiteHouse

Use Social Media: Make sure that the President, White House, and Senators on the Judiciary Committee know you strongly oppose the President implementing executive orders that discriminate based on religion and destroy immigrant and refugee communities across the country.

Sample Tweets:
1)       #MuslimBan2 takes effect tomorrow. @SenJudiciaryCom @chuckgrassley @JohnCornyn: You must do oversight hearings https://www.aclu.org/letter/organizations-urge-oversight-hearings-trumps-immigration-executive-orders-senate
2)     #MuslimBan2 takes effect tomorrow. @HouseJudiciary: You must do oversight hearings on this unconstitutional ban https://www.aclu.org/letter/organizations-urge-oversight-hearings-trumps-immigration-executive-orders-house
3)           Dear [your Congressman’s handle]: I urge you to speak out against #MuslimBan2. It is unconstitutional and does not reflect our American values. Rescind now.
4)            .@POTUS @WhiteHouse: Rescind immigration/refugee travel ban now. You are putting vulnerable lives at risk – not making our country safer.

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