Tell Congress NO to Starving the Hungry! #MuslimsAgainstHunger

Congress tried to cut $20 Billion from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the Farm Bill.

SNAP provides effective food assistance to 42 Million Americans and more than 10 times what all U.S. food banks combined can provide.

Poligon, ISNA, and our partners fought back on these proposed cuts. The bill FAILED.
But, Republicans in Congress want a REVOTE

We CANNOT support a #FarmBill that cuts funding for SNAP and intentionally hurts low-income families, workers, women, children, and seniors

Call your Representative and Senators to protect funding for SNAP!

#MuslimsAgainstHunger #SNAPworks #HandsOffSNAP


Call your Representative and Two Senators (call 202-224-3121) now and urge them to OPPOSE cuts to SNAP!  

Check how your Representative in the House voted on the Farm Bill the first time.
Sample Calling Script:
Hello, my name is _________ and I’m a constituent of Senator/Representative ________. I’m calling because I oppose any version of the Farm Bill that makes drastic cuts to SNAP. SNAP is an extremely effective program combatting hunger and poverty by serving over 42 million Americans and lifting 8 million people out of poverty yearly. Imposing harsher work requirements than those that already exist will hurt workforce participation and punish hardworking, low-income workers and families with children who already struggle to put food on the table. People should not have to choose between working and staying alive. I urge Senator/Representative ___________ to work across the aisle and draft a Farm Bill that protects funding for SNAP and to oppose any proposal that does not do so. Will the Senator/Representative do so?

Use Social Media:
Let your members of Congress and your social networks know what you think of this bill. Here are some sample tweets and images:

  • More than $8 in $10 in nutrition assistance go to households that include a child, a senior, or person with a disability. Yet these are some of the people hit hardest by the House GOP Farm Bill. #HandsOffSNAP #MuslimsAgainstHunger
  • The House will try to vote again on a bill that would take food assistance away from 2 million people. Call your Member of Congress and tell them to vote NO on a House Farm Bill that slashes funding for SNAP! (202) 224- 3121#MuslimsAgainstHunger #HandsOffSNAP
  • 53% of all SNAP households with children are headed by single mothers. Congress should protect #SNAP and not punish single parents and children. #HandsOffSNAP #MuslimsAgainstHunger

While fasting, Poligon and ISNA are on Capitol Hill today with our partners meeting with Senators and Representatives to protect access to food assistance and live out our values as Muslim Americans. 

Let us know how your advocacy went and feel free to ask us any questions by e-mailing us at

Stay active,

A Partnership of Poligon and ISNA

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