Three Years Later, Poligon Education Fund Continues to Condemn the Muslim Travel Ban

January 27, 2020

Three Years Later, Poligon Education Fund Continues to Condemn the Muslim Travel Ban
Washington, D.C. – Today marks the three-year anniversary of the first executive order implemented by the Trump Administration, which placed severe limits on people traveling to the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Three years and several iterations later, the “Muslim Ban” continues to separate families in communities across the United States and the world.

Last week, President Trump confirmed that there will be an expansion to the Muslim Ban. The expanded list may include Belarus, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania. Any addition to the Muslim Ban will negatively impact Muslim communities and contribute to the already rising* anti-Muslim discrimination throughout the country. 

“It has been three years, and families that have been ripped apart by this un-American and discriminatory ban are still waiting for relief” Poligon President, Wardah Khalid, said. “This is a dark stain in our nation’s history. We need to stop the cycle of religious or ethnic discrimination in our immigration policies. Now is the time for Congress to speak out against the ban and pass the NO BAN Act to repeal it and prevent such a ban from being implemented against another community in the future. ” For Poligon’s previous statements surrounding the Muslim Ban, please click here.

* Dalia Mogaheed and Azka Mahmood, American Muslim Poll 2019: Predicting and Preventing Islamophobia: ISPU. (2020, January 22). Retrieved from

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